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Woodworth Estates Grant Policies


The general objectives and purposes of the W.W. and Rose Woodworth Estates (WW) Grants are to assist mission-related projects of United Methodist organizations located in or closely connected to the Oklahoma Annual Conference.  The WW grants are awarded in two main categories: Domestic missions, and International missions.


The Woodworth Estates usually does not make grants for:

           a)   Deficit financing and debt retirement.

           b)   Operating or annual fundraising campaigns.

           c)   Grants for projects likely to be long delayed.

           d)   Grants for endowments.

           e)   Grants exclusively for furnishing or equipment (except major medical equipment).

            f)   Capital campaigns.

           g)   Individuals


Time for Filing an Application    The WW Committee meets two times a year (March and October) to decide on grants.  Applications may be submitted online at any time throughout the year.  However, an application must be received by March 31 or September 30 to be considered at such meeting date.  Applications should be submitted only when all the requirements set forth herein can be fulfilled.


Announcement of Decisions     Applicants will be notified in writing within 6-8 weeks following the submission deadline. Grantees are expected to announce receipt of a grant as part of the publicity obligation.


Mission Team Requests   All applications pertaining to mission trips will first be vetted and prioritized by the Office of Mission before being reviewed by the WW Committee.

Future Requests    WW grants are normally one-time awards. Local churches and agencies may submit grant applications for new projects if they meet the selection criteria of the WW Estates.


Progress Reporting   All churches and agencies that are awarded grants will be required to submit progress and/or follow-up reports to the WW Committee at 6-month intervals until the completion of the project.


Application deadlines: March 31 and September 30

Application Budget Template

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