Mr. Wayne Wayland Woodworth and wife, Rose Woodworth were active in the church during their life time. Mr. Woodworth was the son of a Methodist minister, and the president of the First National Bank in Ringling. During the later years of their lives, Mr. and Mrs. Woodworth lived in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

1950 - Rose Woodworth created a final will, determining her estate would go to foreign missions.

1951 - Rose died

1953 - Probate of will completed. Her husband W.W. was Executor. According to the final account, the value of the total inventory was $312,506.31. went to the Board of Missions and Church Extension of the Methodist Church operating in the West Oklahoma Conference.

1958 - W.W. Woodworth created his final will after discussion with Bishop Angie Smith. Apparently W.W.'s original intent was for his estate to be used as Rose's, for foreign missions. The intent was broadened after discussion with the Bishop to include Oklahoma church building for minority groups and national missions.

1958 - W.W. Woodworth died

1960 - Probate of W.W.'s will was completed. Value of the total inventory was listed as about $1.3 million. Winston Acree was Executor. Income was sent quarterly to the Board of Global Ministries for 21 years.

1981 - 21 years after probate was complete and in accordance with the will/testamentary trust, Acree liquidated W.W.'s assets and turned over $4.123 million to the Oklahoma Board of Global Ministries. The estate had generated approximately $10 million in gifts during the 21 years. The money transferred to the BGM was treated as an endowment.

1984 - The Board of Global Ministries moved both funds to the Foundation for management under the terms of the Rose Woodworth Trust Fund Agreement and the W.W. Woodworth Trust Fund Agreement. The agreements allowed the Foundation to rely upon instruction from the Executive Committee of the Baord of Global Ministries. 

1997 - Acree resigned as trustee of the Woodworth United Methodist Trust and the Foundation agreed to become succcessor trustee, as agreed by the Board of Global Ministries.

1998 - The Board of Global Ministries and the Foundation consolidated the two trusts into one account at the Foundation. In an effort to maintain the original ratio of income distributions from each trust, new weighted averages were assigned for the combined account: 26.7% of the income was earmarked for Church Growth and Revitalization, 18.9% was for Scholarships, and 54.2% was for World and National Missions.

2000 - The Oklahoma Annual Conference voted to adopt new structure. The Mission and Service Strategy Team became the successor to the Board of Global Ministries.